Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Chattahoochee nature Center

We finished our 3 day weekend with a trip to the Chattahoochee nature center. We had never been before and I didn't expect the kids to love it as much as they did!

The microscope was a big hit!

The butterfly garden was a big favorite!

She was so proud to hold one!

Daddy had a butterfly land on his shoulder.

Charlie was so patient and quiet trying to get one to land on him and very happy when one did!

Charlie loved going on a hike in the woods!

This was such a fun afternoon! These fun times make me realize that my kids aren't babies anymore and we are loving this time with them.

Fourth of July

After some shopping and lunch 
we headed to a patriotic festival at Marietta Square.
This event had lots of activities for kids, arts and crafts, some food, and live music before the fireworks. It was quite hot outside and very crowded. The kids enjoyed the inflatables and the treats.

Love these patriotic cuties!

Pre Fourth Celebration!

Since Fourth of July was on a Saturday, we celebrated Friday and Saturday night. We had a great time with Pops, Nay, and Livy! Lovie was on a trip of her own.
She really enjoyed her cotton candy!

They loved dancing to the band!

This girl danced her heart out. She even danced up a storm to the fireworks!

This band did really good covers of pop and country hits. They were a lot of fun to dance to.

Livy was in on all the action. Her cousins adore her and kept her amused with their jumping and dancing.
The fireworks at the end were spectacular and we had a great view! It was an awesome time and we all enjoyed ourselves!
There are some nights when everyone seems in sync and you have a great time together-this was one of those!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Chuck E. Cheese, please!

Potty training is in full swing at our house! Charlie was showing signs of being ready and it is a requirement for preschool, so we jumped in!
The first week, he wasn't convinced the potty was for him and he still wanted his diapers. We needed a way to entice him to consider the potty, so I offered a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. That got his attention and he was willing to try!
He has done really well! He stays dry most days at camp and usually while we are out of the house. We struggle more at home. I think because he doesn't worry about other people seeing him having accidents at home.

He loved his outing there and we keep reminding him about going back!

Saturday, July 11, 2015


After a busy afternoon having fun seeing the movie Inside Out and running errands, Charlie lost his ability to listen well and I lost my patience. I yelled, I fussed, and he cried, tantrumed, and acted out. Picture me chasing him down in a store and grabbing him under my arm as he cried and thrashed all the way out to the car. It wasn't fun. When we finally made it home, I was frustrated and really didn't want to spend the rest of the evening arguing with kids.

I decided the best way to get us back on track would be to find a way to play and let Charlie regain some of the control he had been seeking during our errands. I was also hot and thought playing in the water would be good for all of us. Charlie was super excited for the play! He eagerly helped to fill the baby pool and got Sissy to come out with us!

Our play time did just what I hoped it would do. The kids and I connected in a positive way, we laughed, and Charlie got to be the leader in the play. He squealed with delight dumping water on me and they loved squirting me with water guns. I know the negatives have a way of sticking in their memories, but I hope that these fun times also find a place in their memory too. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Olivia's Half Birthday

We celebrated Olivia's 6 month birthday with a sweet watermelon themed party.
Her "half" cake. Her cousins lobbied hard for candles and a slice of cake for Livy! After all, what kind of birthday party is it without cake and blowing out candles?

The darling birthday girl.

Opening her presents with lots of help from her cousins!

Some of her friends hanging out.

My cute man!

Charlie loves watermelon.

Mindy and sweet Harry.

These cuties playing.

Sweet girls

Family Breakfast

On a Sunday before church, we had a fun family breakfast at SG's favorite place, First Watch.

Lots of happy kiddos and yummy food!

We were all traveling on Father's Day, so it was also a little Father's Day celebration for Pops.