Thursday, September 4, 2014

Food Truck Tuesday!

Every Tuesday during the warmer months a park near us is the gathering spot for local food trucks and lots of fun.  We went out and had a great time tasting the yummy and different foods and watching the kiddos play on the playground.  Sarah Graves and Charlie loved Boo Boo playing with them.  Sarah Graves proclaimed that Boo Boo was a lot of fun because she played with her!  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Family Time

We had a fun time visiting with Maw Maw, GG, Boo Boo, and Pat while they were here.  We didn't do anything in particular, just enjoyed being together and having a good time.  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

School Boy

After months of worrying about Charlie getting into a preschool, a few weeks ago I found a school with a spot for him.  They just moved into a new space and had the ability to add another class creating an opening for a fella like Charlie.  The school is called Buckhead Prep and their main focus is teaching even the youngest children to read, write, and do math.  They also focus on enjoying learning and do music, art, and outside play as daily activities.

He is in a toddle class with children 18 to 30 months old.  There are 6 kids with two teachers in his class and he goes every day for a half day.  It is a big step for such a little guy, but we met his main teacher, Ms. Vanessa, and she seems experienced and very knowledgeable about the tiny humans.  I believe this will be a great experience for him and he will love it once he is used to it.

Today was the first day and when Ms. Vanessa came to get him from Lovie's car at drop off, she told him it was time to go and he said, "No, I not!  I watch Daniel Tiger!"  Daniel Tiger is his current fixation and that is all he wants to watch!  I couldn't help but laugh as mom relayed the story to me.

When we asked about his day he didn't offer too much.  I asked if he had fun and he said, "Ummmm, nope."  I asked if he played outside and he said, "Boys!" (pause) "Running!" We will see what tomorrow holds!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Celebrating with Friends

Charlie's favorite part of the party was probably the cookies.  We are pretty sure that is all he ate besides the cake and he ate about 8 of them!  You only turn two once!

Some of our guests enjoyed playing dress up during the party.  This made for some fabulous photo opportunities!  
Sarah Graves was a princess and a doctor all in one ensemble.  Don't you feel better when your doctor wears a tiara?

Between the life size Mickey and his crazy Boo Boo Charlie didn't know what to think here!

 Greg joined Sarah Graves in dressing up!

 Charlie was excited about his cake and he knows how to blow on things, so with a little coaxing he knew how to blow out his candle!  

 This is baby Merida that we know from my work and our music class.  

We were so excited to have family from out of town come for the party!  Boo Boo, GG, Maw Maw, and Pat all made the trip in for the party.  What a lucky boy to have his great grandmothers and his godmothers come to love on him for his birthday!

Sarah Graves loves party games, but none of our other guests were interested in playing.  I guess there was too much going on with all the different toys and the bounce house going.  

Charlie did not lack for eager assistants to help with his gifts!

So grateful for long time friends to celebrate with us.  

As usual, I didn't get as many people pictures as I would have hoped.  We get busy during the party and just forget to take them.  It was a fun time with family and friends.  Everyone there showed Charlie a lot of affection and for a two-year-old he was extremely gracious, saying thank you when people told him happy birthday and appreciating his gifts.  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Party Details

This was the invitation for his party.  I love the invitation almost as much as I love that precious boy!

I had the vision for the banner and Jeanne' used her cameo silhouette machine to make it!  I think it came out super-cute!

Table decorations that Jeanne' and I made using die-cuts I bought at Michael's.

He loves balloons, so we did several different big balloons.  

I made my iced sugar cookies and kept it simple with the Mickey head design and the number 2 or the letter C on each.  I get lots of compliments on my iced sugar cookies and this is where I found the recipe.  

Charlie asked for cupcakes (yes, he is that verbal and that opinionated!), but I didn't want tons of red or black dye for frosting, so I found this idea and it was perfect.  Jeanne' was able to make the cupcake wrappers on her cameo and saved me a ton of time!  

I love doing these signs for the food and it was a fun way to add interest to the food table.  I was able to download the Disney looking font, but then we had printer problems.  We have two printers and neither of them were working well.  So, i ended up writing these myself and I think it worked out okay.  

Yes, we served hot dogs as the meal along with fruit, veggies, and chips.  Charlie loves hot dogs, so this was a great option for the theme.  

I LOVE these goodie bags for our tiny guests.  I cut out the black paper for the body and ears and Jeanne' used the cameo to make buttons.  Charlie helped me pick out the prizes inside, so his friends received bubble wands, sidewalk chalk, tattoos, and cookies.  

We used these lanterns with the Mickey ears to bring the theme into the dining area.  

Lovie and Pops took care of this great cake that really made the food table pop!  They are so awesome to help out with these fun cakes that bring in the theme of the party!

I found chicken nuggets shaped Mickey's head, so those were a must have.

Jeanne' made Mickey heads to dress up these fun straws.  

She also made this great sign to welcome everyone to Charlie's party.  

This was the sixth children's birthday party that we have hosted and I have to say that I could never pull it all together without the help of Jeanne' and my parents.  Aaron helps out too, but having everyone jump in and help me make all my researched ideas come to life is priceless.  

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Birthday Boy!

I can't believe that my precious baby is now two years old!  I am know I am partial, but I think he might be the most handsome two year old boy ever!  
We celebrated him on his birth day with family and friends who love him and a lot of Mickey Mouse!    

Thanks to Lovie for making his shirt!