Sunday, May 24, 2015

Afternoon in the Gardens

We had a great Sunday Funday starting with brunch at Sissy's favorite, First Watch, and then heading to the botanical gardens. Charlie got sleepy before our food came and ended up napping on my lap while we ate, in the car seat on the way, and continued on in the stroller at the gardens!

Sissy was all smiles with Daddy

We loved the pretty irises

She looks so grown up posed like this!

There is a treehouse in the kids section and they were the only two there. They had a blast!

We ended our day with dinner out!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Berry Pickin'

We went strawberry picking and had a great time! There were lots of berries and this kids caught on quick to picking them. We really enjoyed the great taste, too!

We went to Southern Belle Farms and they had a fun bouncy thing that was like a dome made of rubbery stuff. It had sand around it that Charlie wanted to be snow!

They also had a pavilion where you could buy homemade strawberry ice cream and strawberry shortcake. Both were delicious!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Music Man

Charlie LOVES music class and playing with the parachute is a hit!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Crazy Girl

Today was crazy sock day at school and that suited my crazy girl just great!
Here she is striking a pose on our way in the building!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Do You Know The Way To Santa Fe?

I know those aren't the song lyrics, but I had that stuck in my head during a recent trip for a work conference to Santa Fe, NM.
This was the first time going to this conference without the kids. I missed them a lot, but also enjoyed the time to attend my meetings and dinners without rushing back to the room. They are more grown up now and did great without me! 

The bear was part of the room decor!

My hotel was nice and I fell in love with the city! We did a walking tour and checked out some local art and shopping. We also had a great dinner at s place where the servers also perform show tunes!

Santa Fe is one of the first places the Native Amwricans began bringing chocolate in from Mexico. They were drinking the chocolate mixed with chilies. We visited a chocolate house to try some!

I missed Aaron and the kids like crazy! I was so happy to get in Friday night and be with them! They were happy to see me and very happy to get their prizes - an Elsa Frozen Fever doll and a Paw Patrol Pup Pad!

I missed them so!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pizza and a movie!

Sometimes dinners out with the kids are stressful. They don't want to sit, struggle to use an inside voice, don't like the food, etc. Then sometimes, we get a night like last Friday when it is a pleasure to be with them! We had pizza on the patio at a place close to the house. Everyone was in good moods and very enjoyable to be with!

We came home for a family movie night watching Disney's Hercules. A fun Friday night!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Going to the Dentist

It was time for check-ups and based on a feeling, I brought the kids to a new dentist. His name is Dr. Schwartz, but I called him Dr. Shorts to make it more fun and did the line from Lego Movie that SG loves, "honey, where are my shorts!" It made her laugh and we went in feeling relaxed.
Lovie came along to help out since these appointments have been difficult in the past. The kids settled in for a story while we waited.

The office is done in a circus theme, which Charlie enjoyed.

The kids LOVED Dr. Shorts! There was no cajoling or begging required. He was respectful and patiently explained everything before he did it.

Charlie typically screams when the dentist wants to look much less actually let them clean his teeth. I was so relieved! I am thankful that I listened to my instinct and sought out a new dentist.

SG has 2 cavities that are in areas between teeth in the back. We will go back to have work done on those and hopefully that will go well!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Louisiana Girl!

Sarah Graves' pre-k class has been studying about the states. Each child was assigned a state to create a poster about. SG got Louisiana! She included pictures of crawfish, a pelican, magnolia, Tiger Stadium, the capital building, and Mardi Gras! We had fun placing the beads on it and LSU cheerleader stickers!
She did a lot of it herself and felt very proud of it!

Friends and Family

I went to Baton Rouge last weekend - by myself! It is the first time in nearly 3 years that I left the kids overnight. I was looking forward to catching up with my high school classmates at our reunion and the chance to see family.
We gathered for drinks on Friday night.

Fun to see my friend Jeremy and his wife Meghan. They have two precious boys similar ages to Sarah Graves and Charlie.

Saturday night we had a fun party with a catered dinner, band, and photographer. Thirty out of the 79 who graduated together were able to come. Many of us live out of town and it was great to catch up in person. We are friends on Facebook, but fun to talk in person!

Sharply by and Alexis were friends of mine all through high school.
I stayed at Alexis' mom's house and had a great time catching up with her and her mom. We spent a lot of time just sitting in the kitchen talking about people we knew and telling stories.

It was so good to see my maw maws! I had lunch with them Friday and Sunday.

Sunday my uncles Ronnie and Steve, Ronnie's family, and my cousin Nick came for lunch. It was great to see them and so nice for them to make the effort to see me while I was in town.

I had a lot of fun seeing people and enjoying the delicious food, and can't wait to go back with Aaron and the kids!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Family Dinner

Sarah Graves requested dinner with Lovie and Pops on Tuesday night. It turns out Nay was off that night, so we went back to our new favorite Mexican restaurant. As the kids get older dinner out on a weeknight has become more doable.
SG couldn't wait to play Barbie with Lovie!

The kids love baby Olivia! Charlie says in a high pitched voice, "she's so tiny!" I think she likes them too as her eyes light up big watching them.

Charlie loves his Lovie!

Tried to get a picture with Olivia and she seized the opportunity to really grab hold of SG!

SG loves for everyone to be together and I love how much she values family!