Saturday, February 13, 2016

Pre Party

Before all the girls arrived for SG's birthday party, we practiced with our photo setup!
Lovie hopped in with Sissy and a few of her friends!

Nay and Livy were ready for their photo (Sissy was trying out a serious look!)

I grabbed the chance to get a photo with my girl and her model face.

Lovie and the kids being silly.

Charlie jumped in for a photo with Nay before he headed out with Lovie and Pops for a birthday party with his friend and a sleepover at Lovie and Pops' house! He felt very big boy and was so excited to go!

Partying with her friends!

I can't believe that this pretty girl is already six! She was so pumped for her party! We had a snow shower that morning and she was worried we would have to cancel, but the sun came out and all was well!

Pizza is the typical choice for sleepovers, but Sissy prefers pasta, so we did a pasta bar. The girls could choose from tomato sauce, alfredo sauce, meatballs, and garlic toast. I think everyone found something they liked.

We set up a photo area with props and Aaron connected his phone to the apple TV so the girls could watch their photos on the TV! It was a lot of fun and they enjoyed checking themselves out!

She has a sweet group of friends!

Sarah Graves was really excited for painting nails at her party! We picked out some fun colors and let the girls choose. Thank goodness for Aunt Nay helping out with this part!

Sarah Graves was the first to fall asleep about 11 o'clock. My sweet girl likes her sleep!
It took most of her friends quite a bit longer to calm down and get to sleep. About 1 o'clock most of them were out! I was shocked that no one got homesick and I didn't make any phone calls to parents. Yay for a fun night!

After a late night, the girls were up at 7 and ready to start the fun all over!

We started with stringing fruit loops to make necklaces!

The girls also enjoyed relaxing and watching some cartoons.

We finished up with a few more photo ops before friends headed home!

Phew we did it! Her first slumber party and we had 12 girls come and have a great time!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Slumber Party!

Sissy was really excited for a sleepover birthday! I was worried she might be too young. But after polling the mothers of some of her friends, we decided to go for it!
This party was a little more big girl, but still had lots of cute details. We served pasta for dinner, setup a photo booth, decorated sugar cookies, had a dance party, and watched a movie. The biggest hit of all was a surprise to me - they loved jumping on the trampoline in the basement and had a ball doing that for hours!

I found party printable here.

 My mom and Jeanne' worked hard to make this darling cake. It is way cuter than I imagined it would be! I so appreciate their help doing it!

We made some cute goodie bags that Sarah Graves was very proud to put together herself!

We made candy bars thanking her friends for coming.

Iced sugar cookies have always been my thing for their birthdays, but this year Sissy wanted her friends to decorate cookies. So, I made my usual cookies and put them in the goodie bags.

They looked really cute packaged.

Sarah Graves really wanted a candy area, so we picked out some of her favorites (she's quite the connoisseur).  She picked Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, caramels, and kisses. She was quite pleased to show off the vase she made using her Doh Vinci!

The printable were great for making some tabletop decorations! I think the girls appreciated the bright colors and cute theme!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Family Party

We celebrated SG's birthday with Lovie and Olivia. Lovie made breakfast for dinner, Sissy's favorite food, and I baked the cake. She was excited to open her presents!
A scooter for Grace! Notice Charlie is now wearing the birthday crown from school!

She and Grave now have matching aprons!

Charlie was so excited to give her this Lego Friends set that he told her about it ahead of time!

She made a wish and it has already come true!
I wish you could see the look on her face when Charlie swooped in and blew her candles out the first time! On top of that, Olivia thought the birthday candles were hilarious and cackled at them!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Birthday Blessing

The week f a child's birthday he/she receives a birthday blessing during chapel. Parents are encouraged to come so mom and I went. It was my first time going to chapel and it was lovely! I really felt God's presence there with those sweet children.
Another kindergartener had the same birthday as SG! That surprised her. Another girl in 3rd grade also had a birthday that week so they all went up for their blessing together. I could tell she was nervous!

I hope I get the chance to go to chapel with her again soon!

Sissy Turns Six!

KIt is hard to imagine but Sissy turned 6! She loves her birthday so much and looks forward to it with such anticipation! 
A little photo collage to remember how much my baby has grown. I have loved every age but really appreciate her maturity now.

She was very excited for Rsinbow Bobby to return for her special day!

She was so excited to celebrate at school! They gave her a birthday crown, we brought cake balls for treat, and she donated a book to the library in honor of her big day.

It was fun to celebrate her with her teachers and classmates. I think she was quite pleased with her day!